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Articles and Technical Presentations

Title Description

Top 10 Myths of Upgrading from FIX32 to iFIX
(.pdf, 167 KB)

This white paper explores the most common misconceptions clients and others have expressed when they consider upgrading their HMI system from Intellution's FIX32 to GE Proficy ("Intellution") iFIX.

Data compression Overview
(.ppt, 361 KB)

This powerpoint file discusses the benefits of implementing data compression with your GE Historian/iHistorian system and shows the difference between collector compression and archive compression.

Historian compression white paper
(.doc, 80 KB)

This document is a good introduction into the different compression methods available for the non-technical audience.

Historian compression analysis tool
(.xls, 190 KB)

This excel workbook enables you to experiment with different collector compression ("dead band") and archive compression settings and see how they change how data is stored.

Introduction to the Historian Excel Add-in
(.ppt, 740 KB)

Power point presentation which provides an overview of the Historian excel add-in tool's features and capabilities.

Sample Excel Report
(.xls, 3 MB)

This is a good template for building your own custom reports using the Historian Excel tool. This is also the companion report that is used in the examples in the preceding presentation.

Collector Swap Program
(.zip, 36 KB)

This zip file includes a command line utility, source code and iFIX event schedule for swapping all of the tags assigned to one collector to another. This is useful when the standard collector redundancy feature is either unavailable (e.g., calculation or server to server collectors), or if you haven't purchased the redundancy option but need to create a homegrown redundancy solution.

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