Historian Integration

New England's GE Proficy Historian Experts

No other system integrator can beat our experience. We have been working with the Proficy Historian (formerly called the, "iHistorian") since before it was released as a v1.0 product several years ago.

As the former Historian Product Manager, Stephen Friedenthal (owner of EVSystems Data Solutions) has a deep understanding of the product's architecture, technology and capabilities. More importantly, in his role as Product Manager and later at EVSystems, Stephen has had the opportunity to advise companies of every size--from fortune 100 to small startups--on how to architect and implement a data historian system to return the maximum value on their investment.

Some recent projects where we have helped other customers include:

  • Converting an Automsoft RapidTM historian system and over 80GB of data to the GE Proficy Historian for a major pharmaceutical company. (This conversion also needed to be 21 CFR compliant.)
  • Redesign a large Historian application for the City of Oceanside, CA that was unstable and not working as desired to one that is fast, reliable and the heart of an advanced reporting and billing system.
  • Develop a customized trending, analysis and ad-hoc reporting system for a major pharmaceutical company to provide on-line batch analysis.
  • Integrate the Proficy Historian, Matlab, SQL and iFIX to provide sophisticated 2D contour plots for the new GE coal boiler efficiency optimization and monitoring application.
  • Integrate laboratory data and on-line process data for a utilty startup company

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